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Moisture Wicking Versus Absorbent Clothes: Best Thin Undershirts

You have probably heard discussions about the benefits of wearing the moisture wicking clothes. You have probably also heard some undergarments being overpriced because they are moisture wicking. Maybe you still do not understand the reasoning behind these clothes and are itching to know what all the hullaballoo is about. Well, here are a few things you need to know about the comparison between moisture wicking and absorbent, and what could be more  cost efficient and useful to you.

The moisture wicking clothes

These are fabrics that are made of synthetic fibers that aren’t good when it comes to absorbing moisture from the body. What they do instead is transferring the moisture from the inner layers to the outer layers. The idea is to expose the moisture to the environment so that it can evaporate. This seems like the greatest invention for the person that sweats a lot and needs to stay cool when the weather is hot.

The question is how these materials perform as undershirts and underwear in general. It is easy to imagine that if what you are wearing inside is made of a moisture wicking cloth as opposed to an absorbent material, then the moisture will be expelled outwards, and it will be transferred to what you are wearing on top of the underclothes. This means that the dress shirt will get wet around the armpits, between the shoulder blades and the other places that are prone to sweating. Therefore, the practicality of this garment when making undergarments is questionable.

The moisture absorbing materials

The fabrics that are made from natural fibers such as cotton are said to have the quality of being absorbent. This means that they have a high ability to suck and lock in moisture from say your sweat and other sources and keep it in. This in turn means that when you are wearing an undergarment that is made of these fabrics, the moisture will not travel upwards to reach the dress shirt that you are wearing and your underarms will not get sweat stains.

When you compare the moisture wicking and the absorbent fabrics, it would be a better idea to pick fabrics that are absorbent. The other option could be the fabrics that are artificial, but the garment has been fortified with absorbent pit guards that take care of the sweat. This would be ideal because the good thing about moisture wicking fabrics are the best at keeping the body warm even when it is extremely hot.

The next time you go shopping for best thin undershirts keep in mind the argument of whether to pick the natural absorbent material or the moisture wicking artificial. The best thing to do is ensure that if synthetic, the pits are made of absorbent guards. If they do not have this quality, opt for the natural fabrics.

V Neck Undershirts

Choosing the Best V Neck Undershirt for Men

As a man, it is possible that you have come across discussions about moisture wicking clothes and their benefits. Maybe you have noticed a raised price tag at the store, simply because the garment is said to be moisture wicking. This might have left you puzzled as to what all the hype is about. In case you are in this position, here are a few things to know about the best v neck undershirt in comparison to the said moisture wicking clothes.

Moisture wicking garments

Most of the garments under this category are made of synthetic fiber. As you all know, the synthetics are poor absorbers of moisture. So, instead of soaking the sweat, they transfer it to the outer layers of the garment where the moisture evaporates into the air.

The problem is, what if there is another garment worn on top of the moisture wicking one, like say a shirt? Well, this complicates matters a lot because the moisture will now affect the underarms of the shirt and stain it. It will also create the ever so embarrassing pit circles that make it close to impossible to raise ones hands up in public. In short, these materials that are said to be moisture wicking may be excellent as over clothes, but when worn inside other clothes, they will be a complete disaster. The only way to salvage such a situation would be getting underclothes that have pit guards that are absorbent, and not moisture wicking.

Materials that absorb moisture

Cotton, linen and a host of other natural fibers have been a favorite when it comes to the creation of innerwear. This is mainly due to the fact that they are super absorbent and very easy on the skin. When you are wearing cotton undergarments on a sweaty day, the fabric has the ability to not only absorb, but also to lock in moisture and keep it within. You as the wearer will then spend the entire day feeling comfortable, cool and refreshed. This also means that the dress shirt will not suffer sweat stains or the ugly wet circles under the arms.

A comparison between the moisture wicking and the absorbent materials therefore brings about the following conclusion: if you are looking for innerwear, the best option is the natural, absorbent fiber. It is also possible to go with the blends. This is a natural fiber that has been blended with artificial such as elastin, polyester and Lycra. The benefit of the blend is that it will have the absorbency of the natural fibers and the desirable qualities of the artificial.

Therefore, the next time you will be looking for the best v neck undershirt, you really have to look at the material used in the making of the shirt and how well it can cope with sweat. In case you really have no choice but to go with the synthetics, ensure that they at least have absorbent pit guards.Check out the best undershirts on facebook:


Slimming Undershirts For Men

How are the Slimming Undershirts for Men Better than Other Types?

Fashion has really evolved. Think about a body image issue or weakness you want to hide from the world, and the fashion industry has a product that helps you do just that. well, in case you have been worrying about the effects of the fewer than enough visits to the gym being seen at the office, the slimming undershirts for men have been invented just for you. These are like the regular undershirts, only that they are modified to hide the love hurdles or the few extra pounds. Here is what you need to know about this creation.

The material used to make them

In order to achieve the purpose, the shirt would have to be made of the most sensible material of combination of materials. These garments are made using a blend between the natural cotton or linen fibers and something artificial and elastic like Lycra. This means that by the end of the day, you are getting the firmness and the comfort that comes from the natural fiber, and the elastic fitting that comes from the artificial.

The design

Most of these garments are made using the lift and tuck design. This means that they will lift all the areas of your body that are sagging, give them form and then tuck them in. The last result is a very lean and attractive mid section. All the excess flab is hidden from the dress shirt and you can spend the day feeling lean, fit and comfortable.

Stay tucked reinforcement

Everyone knows that another major challenge that faces people who have gained a few extra pounds is the underclothes getting untacked and riding up the back and torso. This bunched up fabric makes one look even bigger and less in control of their weight. The slimming undershirts for men are made in such a way that they do not get untacked or fold upwards creating false extra weight. They cling to the body the entire day and can only be removed by you.

Versatility of style

The design of the slim fit undershirt falls under several categories. These include:

  • The V-neck
  • The crew-neck
  • The tank-top
  • The compression shirts

All these are supposed to work within your different needs of the shirts. For instance, the V-necked version works best with an unbuttoned collar. On the other hand, the crew neck is perfect for a buttoned up shirt and a tie. If you need extra protection around the armpits, especially for people that sweat a lot, the tank top is ideal.

These are the reasons to pick the slimming undershirts for men as opposed to the other types. As long as you learn the best brands and always shop from them, you will be looking lean and smart all the time.